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Inside my home...

As I noted several times on my site, I believe furniture and luxury should be affordable. Thats why I ensured that my home reflected the same mantra.

In moving into my home last year, I had ZERO furniture. Which was great because I wanted to start with a clean slate. So let me walk you through how my Sex and the City Dream became a reality...

First I went to my favorite furniture spot, "The Habitat Restore". These stores often have great deals and inspiration for your home. Well I lucked up and found two great pieces to start. This salmon colored buffet and this multicolored teal couch. I knew the couch needed just a little work to fit in with the theme I envisioned.

Both pieces were less than $100 and were perfect for the modern chic look I wanted and would be a nice accessory for this fabulous picture I found at Macy's!

I found a great deal on Offer Up for a $5 chair. Which I knew could be a great touch to my living room.

I grabbed some gold lamps from Offer UP as well, and then got some cute white side tables from Target. I went back to old reliable, Habitat Restore, and found a nice Mid Century Modern coffee table.

This was move in day. As you can see the pieces complimented each other but the vision isn't as clear yet.

I also had this awesome window seat spot ( to the left of the couch) which we will get to later on.

So first renovation was the brown chair. I changed it to a light tan fabric and spray painted the legs of the chair gold. I also spray painted the teal couch legs gold to match.

The total cost for this project was about $40 (for fabric and materials).

Then next project I attacked was the window seat, which up until this point was just a storage spot for my after work bags. I figured it would be easiest to just measure the length of the window seat then get some plywood cut to that measurement. Then I could just cover the plywood with fabric and a cushion and I could slide it in the window area. I also love to read so I wanted this to be a really cozy reading nook so I got a few pillows to add some comfort to the area.

I went to one of my favorite thrift stores and grabbed some nice upholstery fabric. I think it was $8! It just so happened to be the perfect color (greenish/blue). After I covered the plywood with cushion and fabric, I added the pillows and a macrame plant holder. Total paid for this project was just under $50.

(The gallery shows the progression of the window seat)

Then it was just a matter of adding small touches! Like the Gold Rimmed Clock from Target and some throw pillows from World Market.

Here's the end result of the living room.

The White stand holds my teal record/bluetooth player. Inside are all my thrift store record finds!

Lastly, I purchased the dining room table from West Elm. It was my big splurge item. Since I saved so much on other furniture, I figured I deserved a treat. I ordered the four fabric chairs from Amazon which added a nice touch to the dining room.

The mirror was found at a consignment shop for about $30. I also added the vase and wine bottle cork floral arrangement with items found at a thrift store (total cost about $5).

That's it! It was a work in progress that I finished in about 3 months, little by little, but I love it! It's uniquely me and gives me a sense of warmth and luxury that I couldn't get from Big Box Stores!

Here's to being thrifty yet fashionable!

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